At YourNextKnit, we proudly celebrate the rich tapestry of life's experiences, and we are committed to fostering a community that embraces diversity, inclusivity, and equity. As a business owned by a woman of color, we understand the importance of representation and the need for spaces that welcome everyone.

Our store is not just about yarn; it's about weaving together the diverse threads of our collective story. We believe in creating an environment where every individual, regardless of their background, race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, ability, or orientation, feels valued, respected, and included.

We are dedicated to:


Inclusivity: We welcome all craft enthusiasts, regardless of their level of experience or expertise. Our store is a safe and inclusive space where everyone can freely express themselves through the art of knitting and crochet.

Representation: We are committed to promoting diversity within our offerings, from the yarn and patterns we stock to the stories we share. We strive to showcase a wide range of voices and perspectives in the crafting world.

Accessibility: We are actively working to make our store digitally accessible to all customers. We value feedback and continuously seek ways to improve accessibility.

Community: Our goal is to build a warm and supportive community of makers who encourage one another, learn together, and share their unique talents. We believe that our differences make us stronger, and we cherish the richness of our collective experiences.

Equity: We are dedicated to promoting fairness and equity in our business practices. This includes fair wages for our employees and fair treatment of our suppliers.

Education: We are committed to providing resources and education that empower our customers to create without boundaries. We actively seek out diverse perspectives and voices in our educational materials.

We acknowledge that diversity and inclusion are ongoing journeys, and we pledge to continually learn, adapt, and grow. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us as we strive to create a more inclusive yarn community.

Thank you for choosing YourNextKnit as your crafting destination. Together, we can create beautiful projects and a more inclusive world, one stitch at a time.