About Us

Hello! welcome to our yarn store - we hope you will like what you see to make your next project.

We are a small business based out of the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. Although I had learnt to knit as a child from my grandmother I had not been actively knitting during my teens and youth. With the passing of my grandmother a few years ago I picked up knitting again to stay connected to her - slowly I found knitting helped me to focus and quieten my inside busy brain - quickly it became a daily practice. This became my creative outlet allowing me time and space to reflect, ponder and create. 

My intention with this store is to be able to provide a wide variety and range of woolly goodness, tools and accessories for EVERYBODY. Diversity and Inclusion is very close to my heart - that is the cornerstone of our being in my opinion.

We are working hard to ensure that our suppliers are mindful of environment and follow ethical practices. 

We look forward to growing our fun and rick community of makers through our endeavour.